Minimally invasive approach to diastema closure using lithium disilicate porcelain veneers: clinical report

Sofia Chane Buzetto, Priscila Regis Pedreira, Janaina Emanuela Damasceno, Josué Junior Araujo Pierote, Giselle Maria Marchi, Luiz Alexandre Maffei Sartini Paulillo


Numerous advances in dentistry techniques and material have allowed patients to have not only a functional but also an aesthetic smile in a conservative way. This case report describes a treatment with ceramic laminates to solve the aesthetic problems of an 18-year-old male dissatisfied with his smile. Following the correct protocols, using minimally invasive abrasions, ceramic laminates, and strong adhesion between porcelain and dental enamel can provide predictable results and clinical longevity through follow-up.


Dental veneers; Ceramic; Dental materials.

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