Impaction of primary tooth molar in mandibule – case report

Cleverson Patussi, Larissa Balbo Zavarez, Guilherme Klein Parise, Juliana Lucena Schussel, Laurindo Moacir Sassi


Tooth impaction results from a mechanical blocking that prevents the tooth from erupt. This situation is frequently associated to permanent tooth as wisdom teeth and canines. Impaction of a primary tooth can be associated to systemic or local etiologic factors. Treatment options could include dental extraction, removal of lesion associated without removing the primary tooth and others. The aim of this article is to present a rare case report of an impacted primary tooth in a 42 year-old man, with no complain of swelling. Extra oral examination revealed no alteration of normality. The panoramic radiograph showed a primary tooth impacted in the left body of the mandible.  Most of the time the cause for non-eruption of primary tooth is the presence of a mechanical obstacle, not anatomical, in its trajectory. The surgical intervention is a possibility, but it can stay unaltered with no problems related to the impacted tooth. Many times the professional experience and the activity together in various areas of knowledge are the most important and wise conduct to be taken in health care.


Mandible; Impacted tooth; Oral surgery.

Key-words: mandible; impacted tooth; oral surgery

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