The long-term effect of sparkling flavored water on human tooth enamel determined by gravimetric analysis: a preliminary evaluation

Shivaughn M Marchan, Kelee Bascombe, Trevin Hector, William AJ Smith, Terry G Ramnanansingh


Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the in vitro effect of flavored waters on human tooth enamel using a gravimetric method. Lingual surfaces of lower molars were used to obtain enamel specimens. Material and Methods: Enamel (n=3) was washed and dried, immersed in 6 flavors of locally available of flavored sparkling water and assessed using gravimetric analysis, periodically for up to 9 days.  Additionally, pH measurements of the flavored waters were recorded.  Results: All the tested flavored waters showed pH values below that of critical pH. Paired t-tests demonstrated significant reductions in the mean group mass for all enamel specimens from as early as day 1 after immersion in flavored water, compared to baseline measurements. Further reductions in mean mass continued up to day 9 of immersion. Conclusion: Flavored waters are potentially erosive to human enamel specimens with the erosive effect being cumulative over time.


pH; Enamel; dental erosion.

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