Prosthetic maintenance assessment for implant fixed complete dentures and implant overdentures: a randomized clinical trial




Objective: The rehabilitation choice for the edentulous patients usually lies between the fixed and removable prosthetic options. The treatment decisions are affected by many factors where complications and maintenance needs are both considered crucial factors, in addition to the cost effectiveness of the chosen treatment. Material and Methods: This study was applied on 44 edentulous patients, where 22 patient for each group were enrolled in the outpatient clinic of prosthodontics, Cairo University as per a set of eligibility criteria. Four inter-foraminal implants were installed for all eligible participants. Three months later, healing abutments were used for soft tissue preparation prior to the fabrication of the final prosthesis. A prosthetic treatment option was then randomly allocated to obtain two equal groups via computer generated randomization program; Group. A received telescopic implant overdentures, and Group. B received screw retained dentures. All Complications (Screw loosening or fracture, tooth or denture base fracture and mucositis) were reported after overdenture insertion along the follow up period (1, 6, 9 and 12 months respectively). Results: The frequency of the screw loosening for hybrid overdentures where (59.1%) compared to (27.3%) of telescopic prosthesis at 12 months follow up period (p=0.035), mucositis reporting at 6m interval had shown the highest frequency in both groups (Group A (54.5%), Group B (81.8%), (p=0.045), all other reported complications that lack statistical significance either within the same group or between both groups at different time intervals. Conclusion: Both treatment modalities; telescopic implant overdenture and hybrid fixed screw-retained are reliable for restoring the completely edentulous arches, the decision whether to make a fixed or removable implant denture shall be guided with the patient preference together with the dentist assessment in relation to the patient’s state of general and oral health.


Dental prosthesis; Implant-supported, Denture; Overlay; Dental prosthesis design; Maintenance/standards.






Clinical or Laboratorial Research Manuscript