Resin composite build-ups for complementing multidisciplinary esthetic and functional dental treatments: a case report

Larissa Pinceli Chaves, Vera Lucia Schmitt, Elaine Consolgmano, Rafael Pedro Frenken, Rafael Francisco Lia Mondelli, Linda Wang


Discrepancies in tooth shape and placement of the anterior teeth represent uncomfortable esthetic scenario for many patients. Even current composite resin proximal build-up is considered to be practical and conservative, in some cases, interdisciplinary approach with orthodontics optimize functional and esthetic results. This case report describes the management of a patient who complained of lack of anterior esthetic, which compromises her quality of life. The correct diagnosis and the treatment with interdisciplinary strategy are highlighted to offer a reliable and promissory treatment.

Keywords: Composite resin; Diastema closure; Orthodontics

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