Evaluation of sodium alendronate activity on bone repair under hormones absence


  • Ana Lourdes da Silva Machado
  • Claudia Maria de Oliveira Monteiro da Silva
  • Adriana Aigotti H. Brandão
  • Emília Angela Loschiavo Arisawa
  • Rosilene Fernandes da Rocha




This research proposes to study sodium alendronate effect on bone repair of ovarectomized rats. Thirty-six adult rats were ovariectomized and distributed in four groups, with nine rats in each group. A surgical defect was performed in one tibia of each animal. The control group received only water "ad libitum" and the three experimental groups received sodium alendronate diluted in the drinking water in the doses of 0.25 mg/kg; 0.5 mg/kg e 0.75 mg/kg, respectively. Three animals of each group were sacrificed after three, seven and 14 days. The histhologic analysis of the tibia material showed a more marked bone deposition in the groups treated with higher doses of sodium alendronate. The most mature bone repair process was observed in the 14-days/0.5 mg/kg group, with bone spindles and remodeling in a higher degree of development, showing a dose-dependency regarding sodium alendronate.





Clinical or Laboratorial Research Manuscript